Apartments for rent Danang, in Ngu Hanh Son district, Vietnam, penthouse near the beach

150 2 2 US$1,600/month ID: 2337

Apartments for rent Danang follows Western styl and it is on the highest floor of the luxury building.

The penthouse apartment is really spacious and modern with all high end furniture. Especially, the apartment is situated on the high floor of the building, so it can bring you the feeling as staying at a five star hotel in the beachside. The apartment building belongs to Ngu Hanh Son district, Danang, Vietnam, around 500 meters away from Bac My An market and My Khe beach as well. Apartments for rent Danang consist of two bedrooms, the usable area of 150 square meters, balcony, fully luxurious furniture. The rental is US$1,600/month, including the swimming pool, grymroom, internet, cleaning and parking.

Apartments for rent Danang, Vietnam, Ngu Hanh Son district 1The apartment has the interior furniture in both classsic and modern style. Therefore, it can give you the high quality standards of  Western living style. In addition, the livingroom is quite cool with the front balcony in order for you to get the cool air. Moreover, there are full of a soft sofa, a television and an air-conditioner in the livingroom as well. And the entire furnitue follows American culture with Oak wood. So, it is a perfect place in order for you and your familty to relax. Besides, there has been already an installment of Internet with high speed in order for you work as well.

Apartments for rent Danang, Vietnam, Ngu Hanh Son district 4The kitchen space is quite luxury with European architecture. In that, there are good kitchen cabinets and table bars where are great for you to enjoy with a cups of wine. Moreover, the kitchen connects to the big balcony by a glass door with a curtain. So, it help the kitchen space be really airy and you can get the sunlight as well. Besides, there are full luxurious appliances for cooking in the kitchen. And there are a long dinning table with lear chairs which are enough space for a big family to have meals. 

Apartments for rent Danang, Vietnam, Ngu Hanh Son districtw, near the beacThere are pefect bedrooms in Apartments for rent Danang.

Bedrooms are really cool with big windows and classically high quality furniture. In that, there are king size beds with soft mattresses, big wardrobes, air-conditioners and working tables in bedrooms. Moreover, bedrooms have bathrooms with modern bahtubs inside. And in addition, there are cool balconies in bedrooms where are ideal for you to get the fresh air as well.

Apartments for rent Danang, Vietnam, Ngu Hanh Son district 2Apartments for rent Danang will be a great place in order for experts or a foreign family to stay in the beachside.

Beside having full luxurious furniture, the apartment is in the convenient access in order for you to go all parts of the city. In other words, you can walk to restaurants, bars, coffee shops An Thuong Western Town. Moreover, it can only take you 7 minutes to walk to My Khe beach. Besides, the building also includes full good facilities such as: swimming pool, gymroom, cleaning services, receptionists and professional security.

Thus, this apartment is really perfect for you to stay.

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Danang apartments rent in Vietnam, in Ngu Hanh Son district, near My Khe beach.


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