Is Danang Worth Visiting? 12 Reasons Revealed

House for rent in Danang, Vietnam, near the beach

Danang, the 3rd largest city in Vietnam, is also the centre of commerce, tourism as well as education. Has long been recognized by locals as the most worth-living place in Vietnam, this spot has been recently voted by the famous travel magazine “Live and Invest Overseas” (LIO) as one of the top 10 foreign most worth-living places, which additionally consolidates Danang’s position in the World Tourism Market.

Is Danang worth visiting? Read on to know 12 reasons why Danang is a worth-visiting and living city!

1. The Cleanest City

House for rent in Danang, Vietnam, han river

Unlike other famous tourist attractions, Danang is typical for its fresh atmosphere, which rarely can any developing city in Vietnam have. If tourists are too tired of the hustle and bustle of daily life, or simply want to escape the polluted atmosphere in the big cities, but still want to enjoy a city’s convenient modern life, then Danang is absolutely the best choice. Many visitors said they have had such a healthy and balanced life while living there.

2. Reasonable Price

While traveling, one of tourists’ most annoying features are certainly being involved in Tourist Traps. However, in Danang – the most worth-living city of Vietnam, there are no needs to worry about that. Even though this city is among Vietnam’s most well-known tourist attractions, the local cost of living cost is super reasonable. Tourists, especially foreigners, can live like a king with a mere amount of roughly 500 USD per month, a superb appropriate cost for such a beautiful city.

3. Fresh Seafood At Incredibly Low Cost

Danang, which owns a long coastline of around 74 kilometers, is home to a tremendous amount of various fish types. Most locals here are fishermen, cruising on the sea every night to earn a living, then spending the mornings in the market. Therefore, seafood in Danang is restocked every day, ensuring that culinary enjoyers can have the freshest dishes. 

Moreover, when travelers come to any restaurants, they will see tanks of alive sea creatures, which are not just for decoration but will become your dishes later. 

Visitors can choose for themselves a creature (maybe fish, crab, or shrimp or so on), then the restaurants’ owners will weigh it and tell you the price before preparing food. Seafood prices in Danang usually cost you a mere several dollars for a wealthy meal, which is so appropriate compared to other tourist spots.

4. Beautiful Natural Landscapes

Danang house for rent, Vietnam, Han riverside

It is another thing to note that, Danang is also special for having all three tourist-attractive aspects, which are the cultural beauty, blue beaches and dramatic mountainous areas. Therefore, instead of having to go to three seperate places, travelers now just have to discover a mere Danang.

In this coastal city, tourists have a plethora of things to do. 

  • For fun-hunters, who can only find spirit in adventurous or team-playing games, Danang’s  numerous sea activities would be ideal for you. Visitors can spend time not only on personal activities like swimming or surfing but also team-working ones, such as volleyball and so on. 
  • For peace-hunters, who always look for serene moments in each journey, you can simply sunbathe on the tranquil beaches as well as let yourself enjoy Danang’s mild waves with a swimming float. Surely, this will bring you a surprisingly tranquil feeling that can be found nowhere but in Danang. 
  • For history-discoverers, who have a high spirit for learning new things in each cultural area, Cao Dai Temple and Da Nang Cathedral are two must-visits for you. Additionally, Danang’s unique gothic-style since Vietnam’s colonial periods, its museums with tremendous historical values as well as French-style citizen buildings would also satisfy any history buffs. 
  • For a nature-seekers, who just go to enjoy the spectacular and breathtaking beauty of nature, Danang’s stunning mountains, especially the Marble Mountains, would suit your interest most. Go and discover as much as you can, the hidden beauty here will definitely please you. 

A must-visit in Danang that has been highly suggested to everyone is Ba Na Hills, which has been called by an attractive nickname “Way to Paradise”. Going to Ba Na Hills, tourists should go to SunWorld complex, which owns such an impressive cable car network that can transport a maximum of 6500 passengers per hour and was voted by CNN as one of the World Top Ten Most Remarkable Cable Car. After that, a French village, mouthwatering cuisine, religious-themed constructions are what are waiting for tourists to visit. Moreover, since Ba Na Hills has such a comfortable climate, various plants and animals (even some rare species) live here. Therefore, visiting Ba Na, visitors can totally relax while immersing in numerous verdant mini forests here, which are home to a variety of flora and fauna.

5. Amazing My Khe Beach

As mentioned above, Danang’s beaches can satisfy a wide range of visitors. When it comes to beaches in Danang, it would be a loss not to mention My Khe Beach. 

Located perfectly in the centre of Hoi An Port – a recognised World Cultural Heritage, this beach was ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and also “on the planet”

It offers visitors an excellent view of 20-mile white sandy areas, together with immense blue sky and poetic coconut tree ranges. 

For relax-finders, My Khe’s mild waves and warm water all year round would absolutely create a safe and soothing feeling, being appropriate even for young children and the elderly. 

What’s more, for adventurous travelers, there will be interesting off-shore surfing activities, which are ready to arouse any bored travelers.

Around My Khe Beach, there are plenty of high-end resorts, which can provide visitors with an unforgettable luxurious feeling. 

Watching glamorous sunset scene, enjoying the memorable beach in the morning, trying delicious cuisine in the afternoon, and sleeping on a convenient bed at night, what can be more ideal? 

Enjoy life for kings and queens in My Khe Beach now!

6. Located In The Central Area of Vietnam

Danang is a fast-developing city with an important location in the Southern Central area of the Vietnamese Coastal region. 

The city is home to a large number of ports, both commercial and tourism, so it is easy to access and plays a vital part in Vietnamese national as well as international transportation. 

Having said that, Danang suits mostly every tour track thanks to its location of being the intersections of many important routes, which makes traveling from Danang to other tourist attractions such an easy and convenient task. 

Just by hiring a motorbike, tourists can go roughly everywhere, from the World Cultural Heritage Hoi An with ancient beauty to Lang Co Bay and Hue Old Citadel with majestic atmospheres, from My Son Sanctuary, which is the remains of Ancient Cham civilization to Ba Na, “way to paradise”. All of these destinations are truly famous to international tourists and are the significant models of Vietnamese tourism.

For those who search for thrilling moments, you can access Hai Van Pass from Danang without spending considerable effort. And after reaching this place, you will immediately know that driving on Hai Van Pass is undeniably be an ecstatic experience. 

Right after starting your journey on this mountain pass, tourists would be overwhelmed by this region’s beauty. With a golden point of viewing, tourists can admire the stunning beauty of the scenery below, the beauty combined harmoniously by the pristine nature and delicate modern impacts, which is sure to take every traveler’s breath away.  

7. Danang’s Dragon Bridge and Golden Bridge
7.1. Golden Bridge

Danang house for rent near the beach

                                                      Golden Bridge (@stunningvietnam)

It has recently become one of the most famous spiritual and religion-related destinations in Vietnam. Although this bridge has just come into operation since 2018, certain fame has been achieved and it has attracted millions of tourists each year to Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park. Having a length of 150m, the bridge looks like gentle silk connecting people to the Divine World.

Highlights: Golden Bridge is well-known for its unique structure. Inspired from the story about how the Mountain God helps humans reach their dream world, the bridge has two giant stone hands holding it from the bottom, representing the support of the God. 

The nostalgic architecture of the hands, together with the pristine nature around serves as a wonderful background to the main bridge. Being coated in gold, the bridge’s brilliant golden color is distinctive and outstanding, though still combines harmoniously with the surrounding scenery. It is said that the brilliant appearance of Golden Bridge makes it exactly like a God’s creature, which can take anyone’s breath away.

Besides, as the Golden Bridge plays as a vital part of Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park, tourists have to enter this Theme Park to be able to enjoy the bridge. But, please do not worry, this Theme Park has achieved its fame in satisfying even the hardest visitors, and adding it to your traveling schedule would not make you disappointed. 

Location: Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park, Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Danang

Theme Park entrance fee: 

  • 700,000 VND per adult (~$30)
  • 550,000 VND per child over 1.3m (~$25)
  • free of charge for children under 1.3m

Theme Park opening hours: 8 a.m to 6.30 p.m

7.2. Dragon Bridge

As it is named, there is a golden dragon constructed along the bridge. This bridge’s unique appearance is done in the belief of locals since the past that dragon would bring citizens prosperity as well as nobility. 

Having six lanes crossing the Han River, Dragon Bridge forms a direct way from Danang International Airport to this city’s various main routes. 

Moreover, since the formation of Dragon Bridge in 2013, tourists have a faster as well as more convenient path to access My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach, two incredible beaches of Danang.

Highlights:  This dragon is not merely an ornamentation but is said to reflect Danang’s aspiration. Therefore, it is specially designed to be able to blow fire and spray water. In the fire-water demonstration, fire will be blown in two minutes and then there will be three minutes of spraying water, which leads to an incredible scene. 

Accompanied by the effect of colorful light, the dragon’s performance is truly a must-see for any tourists coming to Danang for the first time. Missing this performance, it can be said that you have missed an integral part of Danang.

The Fire Blowing and Water Spraying Performance of the Dragon will only be at 9 p.m on the weekends and during the holidays; therefore, carefully manipulate your plan to visit Danang at the right time so that you will not miss this unforgettable performance.

Location: Nguyen Van Linh Street, Phuoc Ninh, Danang

8. Friendly Locals Without Ripping Off Tourists

Embarrassingly, one thing that often restrains tourists from an unforgettable traveling tour is the tourist traps that are often seen in famous attractions. However, in Danang, this annoying problem would no longer bother you. It contributes to the reasons why Danang is a worth-living and visiting city. 

For first time comers to Danang, they would be welcomed by a bright smile of locals here, no matter who you are, what is your job or why you get here. Danang’s people (often called Quang people) are so friendly that they would let your shy away. 

Being here, visitors should feel free to ask any question since you would receive such detailed answers in the most friendly way. Each local here serves as a local guide, you will surely be surprised by their hospitality as some locals are even enthusiastic enough to create the most appropriate tour schedule for you if you ask them.

Going to Danang, visitors would be able to feel the strong pride of the residents here. They are truly proud of their friendly city. They consider helping and making tourists understand better about their city their duty. The hospitality seems to be in the veins of each Danang’s people. Therefore, most tourists would definitely feel regret when having to leave this idyllic place with such affectionate citizens. This area’s friendliness would absolutely set a memorable impression in visitors’ mind.

9. Non-Profit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital

Danang house for rent in Vietnam, near dragon bridge

                                               Non-Profit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital

Another reason making Danang a worth living city is the non-profit humanitarian cancer hospital. Coming into operation in January, 2013, this hospital has brought healthy-again opportunities to many underprivileged lives. Sponsored by the city budget as well as other businesses, organisations and people from different walks of life, this hospital shows up as a love’s representation of the society.

Having a luxurious appearance of a five star hotel, rarely can anyone refer it to a hospital of the marginalised. Having state-of-the-art equipment as well as convenient amenities, this hospital always tries to bring patients the best service. 

Poor citizens of Da Nang and Quang Nam Province, who has been recognised by their local governments, will receive free treatment. Besides, cancer patients from every part of Vietnam will receive a 23 percent off compared to the price of state-owned hospitals.

This Non-Profit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital, since its opening, has received approximately 150,000 cancer patients each year, remarkably contributing to the fight against cancer in Vietnam.

10. Free WiFi Spot All around the City

Running out of 3G? Do not have enough money to buy a drink in a Wifi Coffee? Danang’s government has solved this problem for you. Since 2014, with the help of roughly 329 access point, Danang’s citizens as well as visitors have been able to use wifi nearly everywhere, at every moment. 

This action, firstly, is to help locals keep up with the 4.0 technology era. The authority hopes that, with the free access to wifi, citizens would increasingly get used to using Internet access as well as this city’s public service. 

Moreover, this wireless Internet system also serves as a warning system. All the latest information about the traffic conditions, social order and so on will be updated immediately to users through wifi. 

More seriously, whenever there is a disaster, the Internet users will also be announced; therefore, the most appropriate solution can be carried out on time. This action is expected by the local authority to be the dawn of e-government, a signature of upcoming 4.0 era.

11. 5-star Public Toilets Found Around the City

House for rent Danang, Vietnam

In order to promote tourism as well as to improve citizens’ living standards, a number of 5-star public toilets have been put around the city. This ensures tourists as well as locals to have the most memorable experience in Danang. Wherever you see a blue logo of  “Thoải mái như ở nhà – Comfort as home”, you can enter this modern and convenient toilets freely, without having to pay anything.

12. Beaches Without Gabbages

The image of beaches that are full of rubbish, regrettably, has become so familiar to us. Sometimes, a relaxing strolling on the white sandy beach would be destroyed just because of a bottle flake or a piece of trash. However, in Danang’s beaches, there is no need for you to worry about that. 

There are a plethora of penguin-shaped trash bins situated along the coast, and there would always be locals who are ready to remind you or voluntarily pick up the trash for you. Moreover, there are rules that forbid any camping or dining activities. Therefore, Danang’s beaches offer people a real spot for swimming, walking and relaxing. 

So is Danang worth visiting? Yes, sure. Danang is considered to be the ideal destination for roughly everyone, from the energetic young ones to the elderly. Everyone will certainly find their true spirit here. Roughly no one can deny the allure of Danang, its attraction has become one essential thing that forms Vietnam’s fame on tourism.

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