The reason why Da Nang becomes a ‘worth visiting’ city in the hearts of tourists

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Da Nang- A safe city, thoughtful customer care experience, diverse experience services… are the reasons why tourists love traveling to Da Nang.

Da Nang is the most searched tourist destination for Vietnamese people during the upcoming National Day holiday on September 2, according to data from the travel platform Booking. The coastal city not only attracts domestic tourists but also a large number of foreigners. According to the Da Nang City Statistics Department, in the first 9 months of this year, this place welcomed nearly 7 million domestic visitors and more than 3,2 million international visitors.

Experts assess that Da Nang is attractive to tourists thanks to its “unique brands” imprinted in the minds of tourists and the foreign community, such as a safe city, worth visiting, worth living in…

Danang city Safe city, different experience

“I left my laptop in the back row of the taxi when I got off the bus to catch my flight. After 10 minutes, the driver contacted and immediately returned to the airport to return it to me,” said Thu Huong (Hanoi) sharing a beautiful memory about the city of Han River.

The program “5 no, 3 yes, 4 safe” has become a trademark of Da Thanh for many years. The attractiveness of Da Nang as a safe destination is also mentioned on the tourism page Brokenbackpack recently. Even when tourists go alone, Da Nang is also rated as safe to explore and walk around without obstacles.

The sense of tourism, friendliness, and hospitality are “deeply rooted” in every Da Thanh resident, creating a beautiful culture of the smokeless industry in the “capital” of the Central region. The sidewalks of the streets are always clear for tourists to walk and admire the scenery instead of using the sidewalks and roads for business.

As Asia’s leading event and festival destination, Da Nang also regularly organizes a series of festivals that attract a huge number of visitors, typically the Da Nang international fireworks festival DIFF, a series of festivals throughout the four seasons…

Visitors to major tourist areas such as Ba Na Hills and Asia Park also clearly feel the professional and benevolent tourism culture with waving hands and bowing to say “hello” to tourists. There, if an item is dropped, the staff will pick it up and put it in the lost and found locker waiting for the owner to claim it.

High-quality tourism infrastructure

Da Nang not only attracts tourists thanks to its civilized tourism methods, but also through its efforts to create tourism infrastructure over the past 20 years. During the period 2008-2018, accommodation establishments in Da Nang increased 5,4 times; The number of 3-5 star rooms increased nearly 22 times.

A series of 4-5 star hotels and resorts are present on the Han River, along My Khe beach such as Novotel Danang Premier Han River, Premier Village Da Nang Resort – the world’s leading family villa resort… Nearby 30 of the world’s leading hotel groups are present on Vo Nguyen Giap route connecting Da Nang with Hoi An…

Besides luxury resorts such as InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, golf courses for the elite such as Ba Na Hills Golf Club, Da Nang also owns entertainment centers with Ba Na Hills, Asia Park ASIAN…

Extending the attraction of Da Nang tourism, there are also iconic works where visitors can check-in at the Golden Bridge – a bridge that crosses the sky and is honored by many international media channels. At the end of last June, newspaper Independent published an article putting the Golden Bridge in the list of 14 most spectacular bridges in the world.

Danang house for rentAlso in Da Nang, the international fireworks festival has become its own brand, always “selling out tickets” and “selling out hotel rooms” every season. “City worth visiting” Da Nang welcomes visitors with nuanced travel experiences.

Not only is it modern with high-class tourist, resort, and entertainment areas, the city on the Han River also attracts tourists thanks to its unique local culture.

These are a series of traditional cultural festivals that take place all year round such as the Avalokiteśvara festival at the Ngu Hanh Son tourist area, the Cau Ngu festival, the boat racing festival on the Han River or the cultural festival programs of the Co ethnic group. Practicing in Hoa Vang… There are also famous traditional craft villages such as Cam Ne mat village, Nam O fish sauce village…

With its location at the heart of three world cultural heritages: Hue ancient capital, Hoi An ancient town, My Son holy land; Visitors to Da Nang can easily experience and feel the quintessence of traditional culture.

City worth living

Da Nang not only has a special position in the hearts of tourists, but also attracts immigrant communities, especially foreigners. Not only is it affordable for foreigners, Han River City is also an “all-in-one” destination that increasingly attracts international residents.

Besides the natural scenery – My Khe beach in the top most beautiful on the planet, Da Nang also owns modern transport infrastructure; complete social infrastructure with a system of high-quality schools and hospitals; attractive entertainment service chain; Fresh, delicious and rich cuisine…

House for rent in Danang, VietnamTourists and foreigners can enjoy the taste of “around the world” cuisine with all kinds of Asian and European flavors; especially the local culinary paradise such as Quang noodles, rice paper rolls with pork, seafood, vermicelli with seasoning …

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